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Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming Matters!

Tree Trimming matters. Branches that are hanging too low or are too long can be hazardous to you, your family and the people that will come into contact with the trees in your yard. 

Though winters are typically mild in Oklahoma, a good ice storm or snowfall can add potential hazard for you and your home as snow adds additional weight to the branches and tree.

Insects and diseases can negatively affect your trees’ health as well. Combatting those issues when they come up will be the most beneficial for your trees. Our team at Davis Tree Service will not only trim these trees to the length that they should be, but also clear up any bark or trunks that have been attacked by disease and insects. During this process, we will let you know if further action needs to be done to fully combat these hazards.

Taking action early will more likely save your tree from fully dying of disease and will help us take care of the issues that are plaguing any of the trees you have in your yard. Trimming your tree matters not only because of hazards and dangers, but also because you want your tree and, more specifically, your yard to look the best it can. We trim trees so that the dying branches and trunks can be gone and the healthy parts can be fully on display. Having trees and plants that are bright and vibrant will make your home more appealing to people who are visiting or for when you have parties and events that you are hosting.

Tree Removal

Efficient, Safe Removal

You may have a tree that has outlived it’s usefulness, but preventing diseases and pests from spreading to other trees and severe insect infestations are two of the main reasons why you may need to remove a tree or a number of trees in your yard.

Your trees are especially vulnerable to disease during dry or drought years.  If you prevent diseases from spreading to other trees in your yard, it will allow for your yard to stay healthy and beautiful. When diseases spread, they put other plants at risk and will leave your yard looking barren and dead.

The other main reason for tree removal is insect infestation. When insects get onto your trees, they can eat away at the bark and eventually kill the tree if they infest it long enough. Like disease, these insects can spread from tree to tree or plant to plant if they stick around for too long, so it’s important to get rid of these insects early before any measurable damage has been done.

At Davis Tree Service, our tree removal service will get rid of the trees that are no longer wanted, have been affected by disease or insect infestations, so you won’t have to worry about any of these unwanted or hazardous situations spreading to your most treasured plants.

Shrub Trimming

Trimming Basics

Shrub trimming is more than just taking a pair of shears to the sides of your shrubs. The best shrub trimmers understand how to properly cultivate shrubs to maximize growth, improve health, maintain shape, and ensure that they will continue to look great for years to come.

Our trained team of skilled trimmers knows the best practices to remove dead or dying portions of your shrubs. We can also remove sections that can harbor pests or put your plants at risk for mold and fungus growth that could lead to disease. Plus we have the artistic capability to cut and shape the shrubs to improve the appearance of your front yard. Oh, and we will completely clean up and remove the mess that goes along with trimming!

Stump Grinding

Don't Dig That Stump!

Do you have a tree stump in your yard that is unsightly and in the way? Over time even the best trees can get damaged by severe weather, fall over in a serious windstorm, or succumb to disease and have to be cut down. When you cut the tree though, you are often left with a stump that won’t grow and just sits in your yard taking up space. It could even be dangerous if it harbors insects or poses a hazard to people trying to navigate your yard.

Pulling a stump out of the ground is a difficult and potentially hazardous process, especially if the tree had very deep and well-established root system. A better option is stump grinding to remove the unsightly stump without disturbing the remaining landscape. We provide stump grinding as a stand-alone service, or as part of our tree removal procedure.

Storm Damage

Call Us!

You may be tempted to grab your chainsaw and try to remove those downed trees or large branches on your own, but doing so can put you and your home at risk. Some of the most common risks and dangers include:

  • Causing damage to nearby power lines or electrical wires that could lead to electrocution injuries or even death.
  • Cutting the wrong part of a downed tree or branch and causing more damage to your home or nearby structures from other parts of the tree falling on it.
  • Chainsaw injuries that can result from inexperience using these dangerous or unfamiliar tools on large and unpredictable hanging or fallen trees, tree stumps, and branches.
  • Injuries from falling off a ladder or roof while trying to cut portions of a downed tree or branch.

You need someone with the right experience and the right safety equipment to avoid injuries and remove the tree or the branches safely without causing more damage to the area in and around your yard. And did we mention we’ll not only take care of the damaged tree but haul the mess away as well. 

Give us a Call…

Safety First!

Tree Removal Is Dangerous

We Protect! Tree Removal Is Dangerous. With Davis Tree Service,  Safety Always Comes First. Protecting you, your family and your property is paramount. You’re safe with us. No matter how big the tree. We’ve been doing this for almost 70 years…

ZERO IMAPACT! Zero impact rigging means we take all the right steps to keep trees and limb from falling the wrong way.

Check out our graphic of the 5 Safety areas:

  • Aerial Lifts
  • Electrical Wires
  • Chipper Safety
  • ‘Drop Zone’ Safety
  • Traffic Safety

Can I Remove a Tree Myself?

Tree removal is generally not recommended as a DIY project. Though it can be done and save considerable money, it can also be quite dangerous.

Can a tree be trimmed and not removed?

Sometimes it’s not necessary to remove a tree that you believe is problematic. Trees are sometimes a danger to homes or other structures because of their long limbs. Many times a simple trim is all that’s needed. Having a tree trimmed costs between $150 and $550 on average and can offer significant savings over having the tree removed.

When You Have Very Large Trees

Very large trees (80-100 feet) may cause problems, especially if they are close to a power line or plumbing pipes. Also, the more long-living the tree is, the more probable is that it has disease or pests. Having a very large tree removed can be very costly.  But consider roofs, electrical lines, plumbing lines and even other neighbors property.

Davis Tree Service is fully Insured.  Should something out of the ordinary occur, you’re protected!